“5 HOT Spots On a Woman’s Body Where You Can Touch Her and Drive Her WILD”

Get this – One of the great secrets to hotter sex with women is understanding that there is a lot of differences between men and women.

For instance…it takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute for a man to get ready and have sex but it is not the same with a woman.

For women, it usually takes about 15 minutes for her to get all wet and ready for sex.

Another thing you should know is that…

All Women are NOT the Same.

Women respond differently.

For instance, some women’s nipples are highly sensitive when you stroke them. From experience…I think this is common to women with smaller breasts.

On the other hand…some women don’t respond as much when you stroke their nipples because they are not as sensitive.

You should observe little things like this.

With that said, let’s now talk about the 5 Unusual hot spots that will drive her wild.

Here Are The 5 of the HOT Spots On a Woman’s Body You Can Touch to Drive Her Wild.

HOT SPOT NUMBER 1- Her Elbow Crease:

This is an area on a woman’s body where blood vessels are very close to the surface of her skin, making it hypersensitive.

Hold her hand and slowly straighten her arm, then gently kiss along the crease on the inside of her elbow.

Then use your tongue to gently lick across her skin in the same area. You will be surprised at how she will respond.

HOT SPOT NUMBER 2 – Her Hands:

Massage her hands.

The palm has about 40,000 nerve endings and when you stimulate them, you cause an electric feeling to run through her whole body.


Interlock your fingers with hers and then use your thumb to massage her palm and the base of her fingers in a circular motion.

You can also do this as well in public. It works wonders and gives more erotic power.

HOT SPOT NUMBER 3 – Her Stomach:

Caress her stomach and start just below her breasts and move towards her belly button, caressing and kissing her there softly.

By slowing down when you do this, you will soother her and get her to relax.

This will also increase bloodflow to her clitoral complex and get her more excited sexually.

HOT SPOT NUMBER 4 – Back of Her Knees:

Do you know that the back of a woman’s knees harbour some nerve endings known asĀ Pacinian corpuscles that are extremely sensitive to pressure?

Start to run your fingertips starting from her ankles and gently run it up the back of her calves until you reach the soft area behind her knees.

HOT SPOT NUMBER 5 – Her Thighs:

Majority of men pay no attention whatsoever to a woman’s thighs because they are in a rush to what is in between them.

Just slow down.

First, tease her with your fingers. Move up her legs, then pull away a little.

Then use your tongue to caress her and let her feel your breath. Then return to using the finger again.

There you have 5 of them.

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    1. Nnaemeka you’re most welcome, I’m sure you’re going to learn lots of useful information here on how you’ll become a better man in bed and be satisfied with your sexual health status.


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