7 Ways To Prevent Premature Ejaculation And Last Longer In Bed

7 Ways To Prevent Premature Ejaculation And Last Longer In Bed

In this article I want to share with you 7 ways to prevent premature ejaculation.

If you’ve ever been disillusioned into thinking that there’s nothing you can do to prevent premature ejaculation and that it’s just something “you’re born with” or “can’t do anything about” then hopefully this will change your mind and inspire you…

You should also know that premature ejaculation is not some “gene” you’re born with, the result of your penis size or a part of your personality that you can never change.

Premature ejaculation is caused by specific things that you do before and during sex… Most of the time without even realizing it.

And if you want to last longer in bed you’ve got to take control of what you do before and during sex and start consciously doing things that will help you last longer.

The truth is that there are many ways to prevent premature ejaculation, and being able to last longer in bed is something that lies within your control.

So let me go ahead and share with you 7 powerful strategies for preventing premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed…

1 – Take Some Deep Breaths

Most men when it comes to sex out of excitement they end up taking lots of short shallow breaths.  The problem with shallow breathing and overexcitement is that it can actually encourage premature ejaculation.  Instead make a conscious effort to take some long deep breaths before and during sex.  This is a great way to calm yourself down so you last longer.

2 – Become James Bond

Another way to get rid of your nerves and prevent premature ejaculation is to change your thoughts. If you’re constantly worrying about how bad it’s going to be if you orgasm too soon then you’re bound to make yourself nervous… and actually end up making it happen.  On the other hand, if you spend your time thinking like James Bond would think, i.e. seeing yourself in control, just enjoying the moment and not stressing about anything, then you’ll have no nerves to encourage premature ejaculation.

3 – Master Your Pelvic Muscles

There’s a muscle in your genital area you can actually use to stop your ejaculation.  This muscle is the same one you can use to stop the urine flow while urinating.  Take the time to strengthen this muscle by “squeezing it” throughout the day.  Eventually when it comes to sex this muscle will be so strong that if you squeeze it just before orgasm you can actually stop ejaculation from happening.

4 – Stroke The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue

OK… I know what you’re thinking… This one is a bit “out there”, but at the end of the day this technique works.  By stroking the roof of your mouth you’ll find that by putting all your attention into doing this weird thing you distract yourself from all the pleasure in your genitals.  This distraction is a great way of getting your control back in the bedroom and lasting longer.

5 – Rub Her Clitoris

A great tip to last longer in bed is to thrust really deep inside her (without hurting her obviously).  And once you’re in deep stay deep and just rub her clitoris with your pelvic bone.  What’s great about this sex technique is that it reduces your stimulation meaning you can last longer, but it gives her a ton of pleasure at the same time.

6 – Masturbate For Longer (though not recommended)

When you masturbate you actually end up conditioning yourself for how long you expect your body and penis to last during sex.  This means if you masturbate for a matter of minutes or even seconds then when it comes to sex you’re not going to last any longer.  In future masturbate for much longer, as long as you’d like to last during sex.  If you find yourself close to orgasm just stop for a minute, then restart.

7 – Relax Your Muscles

A dead simple way of lasting longer in bed is to just relax your muscles more.  Normally you’ll find that your muscles get more and more tense as you approach orgasm.  When you notice this happening just allow your muscles to relax again.  By consciously relaxing your muscles you can delay orgasm by several minutes.

So, there are the 7 ways to prevent premature ejaculation. These tips are just only to help you for a short time and not to stop your premature ejaculation permanently.

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