The Secret Towel Hanging Trick That Helps You Get a Bigger And Stronger Penis

I forgot to tell you something.

4 years ago, I never believed that the size of the penis can be increased by any means.

The reason is that I used to have a friend who was always worried because of his small sized manhood and the disappointing look that girls gave his “little dick”

So, he bought anything that promised to help him increase the size of his penis. He bought drugs, pills, just anything that he could try.

In fact, he would have gone for risky surgery if he had the money to spend on it.

It was from his experience that I first learned that pills and creams are total scams.

So…when I added an extra 1 inch ( I know because I actually did measurements) with the new penis enlargement workouts/exercises I told you about…

I told my friend and he used it too and added an extra 2 inches which was a lot.

Here Is The First Testimony I Got Earlier This Year From a Customer Who Used the Workouts:

Thank you so much Adetony. I could not believe when I tried the technics for enlarging ones dick and it works. It was my lady friends who confirm it but I did not tell them what happened. One said, waoo this it excellent, what did you do to junior. Another one said, this yound man has grown.  I have stopped the exercise now. Thanks alot.

After I shared the testimony above with my subscribers, I got an email from a funny man which said:

“Adetony, if you really know that this your get bigger techniques work, then you should provide some before and after pictures, not just emails of customers”

When I got his email, I simply sent him the reply below. I said:

Okay sir.

So, what type of evidence do you want? Pictures of customers penises that have grown or what?

Would you submit pictures of your private part to me so that I can show it in public if I asked you to yourself?

These are mature and private matters and I expect you to understand that but if you do not believe any
of them, then there is nothing I am willing to do to make you believe.

I wish you the best in life.


The TRUTH is that due to the highly private nature of my subject (sex related issues), it is very difficult to convince people especially since I have to keep the identity of my customers private.

I just had to put that in to let you know that if you also do not believe the things I am saying, I do not blame you.

Why or How Do These Techniques Work to Increase The Size of The Penis?

These techniques work because unknown to you, the penis is made up of some muscles that can actually get increase in both length and girth when exercised.

All one has to do is to use
the RIGHT set of exercises to gently
cause these muscles to grow.

Notice the word “RIGHT” in the above statement.

And these techniques reminded me of what happened when I was in the boarding school.

When I was in JSS3, there were these set of guys who would constantly play a stupid game that was developing their penis muscles. By the time we were in SS2, all the guys had huge “dicks”

I thought it was natural but I now know better.

Here Are Some Important Things You Have to Know If You Really Want to Get a Bigger and Stronger Penis

There are some facts that I have learnt over the years about how the penis system works and I think you should know them as well.

The first thing you need to know is that there are 4 types of gainers when it comes to penis growth.

When I say gainers, I mean ability to increase in size. So, specifically, there are 4 groups of men in this case.

Here they are:

4 Kinds of Penis Size Gainers

  1. There are men who are able to easily increase both length and girth of their penis fast.

  2. There are men who can easily increase the length of their penis.

  3. There are men who easily increase the girth (thickness) of their penis and….

  4. There are men who are slow at increasing both length and girth of their penis.

How do you know which of the 4 groups you belong to?

Well, you can’t until you start trying it out.


There are also 2 groups of men with it comes to their penis sizes when it is flaccid and when it is erect.

Here they are:

Are You a Grower or a Shower?

A “grower” refers to men with small flaccid penis that grows when it is erect. The average flaccid size of a grower is usually around 0 to 25 percent of its erection level.

A “Shower” refers to men whose penis are big at flaccid levels and doesn’t enlarge much upon erection.

The average flaccid size of a shower is generally about 50 -60%

79% of men are growers and 21 percent of men are showers.

I hope this gives you the answer to some of the questions you may have at the back of your mind as regards the size of your own penis.

Let me now move on to the towel hanging trick that can help you to get a bigger and stronger penis.

This towel hanging trick is one of the exercises in the full penis enlargement workouts.

How to Apply the Towel Hanging Trick Exercise

NOTE – To do this towel hanging exercise, your penis must be erect.

Here are the Simple Steps Involved:

STEP 1 – Hang a small towel over the erect penis. See pix below:


STEP 2 – Use the erect penis to raise the penis, then lower it, then raise it up again. See pix below for illustration:


STEP 3 – Repeat this 30 times.

You can go ahead and start try the workout now…

If You Want to Add an Extra 1 – 4 Inches to Your Penis Size…Here Is Something Better

I want you to check out the complete Ultimate Natural Penis Enlargement Guide that contains all the workouts you need to do to increase your penis size.

The “Ultimate Natural Penis Enlargement” guide contains about 6 more techniques that men around the world have secretly used to get a bigger and stronger penis.

The exercise I showed you above is just one of the main Penis booster exercises in the “Ultimate Natural Penis Enlargement” guide that has helped a lot of men.

No one talks about these things openly.

If you have questions about the penis enlargement techniques, use the comment form below to ask me about it. You may decide not to use your real name, there is no problem about that.


P.S – If you want to reach me on phone…you can get my phone number on the Ultimate Natural Penis Enlargement page.

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    1. El_Farouq that’s your thinking, it does not alter the result that have been achieved by doing what you think is not possible.

    1. Maybe your phone don’t have pdf app installed. The document is written in pdf format. Please get any free pdf app and install, you’ll be able to read it then.

    1. It depend on individual body make up, for some people it last as far as 2 months while some will begin to the improvement within a month.

  1. At first when i saw ur mail i ignored it because, i was made to believe dat girls like my size so much. Not until recent times i was with d girl i love most. She’s studying nursing in d university and ask to go to d hospital for practical. Arriving there she ask to shave a sick man. Then she discovered how tick nd long the man’s penis is. When she came back we started playing love then she compared mine to the man’s own. That how she wished mine is as big nd tick as that man’s own that she’ll enjoy love. I was shocked nd amazed. I was so so shameful of myself. Then i realize i was joking with my love life. I really need to do something about it, then i remembered the mail you sent to me. I really need a copy of your book. Thank you. Pls i don’t want it published. You can keep it secret.

  2. Hi Adetony,

    Please let me know of any techniques specifically for length and longer flaccid, as I’ve been doing PE for about 18 months now and finding it very slow going. Sorry not leaving real name in comment as I find this quite embarrassing subject, but would really appreciate your input on this matter. PS. please don’t publish my email address.

    1. Yes it works, but your age will determine how fast you get result.

      20 to 35yrs will get result sooner than 40yrs and above.

  3. I live in Swaziland (Southern Africa) and want the Ultimate Natural Penis size increase book. please help. our currency is rands and I am a client of Standard Bank

  4. How do I measure my penis. I’m a grower. My penis measures 7-8 inches when measured with a standard ruler. But when I measure with a tape measure I get 9. Which is correct. Will these exercises really increase my penis size.

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