3 Ways to Give Your Penis a Heart Attack

ONE of the most painful and self diminishing calamities that can befall a man…any man is to lose the ability to use his penis.

This is even worse than having a small sized penis.

This series that you are about to read is part one of the series that I decided to create on “How you can have a bigger, stronger and healthier penis.”

Some small minded people will say “why write about sexual issues when the Nigerian economy is in chaos?”

The TRUTH is I am not the president of Nigeria and neither do I hold any political office. The little I can do is to use what is within my power and the information at my dispersal to help my fellow man…at least the few who want to be helped.

“Dangote uses what he has at his resources to help Nigerians by providing Cement, Spaghetti and other useful products and we happily pay him for these things”

And…one of the top questions that I get from my subscribers all over Nigeria is all about what they can do to increase the size of their penis.

One MORE thing…I know a lot of people are skeptical about anything online and I do not blame them. I get emails from such Thomases.

As an example Check out this email below that I received last week:

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Good morning, pls I’ve read a lot about ur product and how effective it is. My major problem is quick ejaculation and I love my baby so much. Can u really help me to put a stop to quick ejaculation? I got ur account details but I’m skeptical due to my previous experience


If you are like the guy who sent me the email I just showed you, then all my guides and materials may not be useful for you because I will give you the same reply I gave to him which is:

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Sorry. Since you are skeptical. There is nothing I can do to help.

I really do not pamper people to use my products and even though I try my best to prove to you that these things work, there is an extent that I can go. It is your choice to determine if you want them or not. I just hope it won’t be late for you to realize the truth.

I wish you the best in life.



The MAIN focus of this series is to show you that:

  • You can have a bigger penis

  • You can have harder erections and…

  • You can have a healthier penis and improved self confidence

So, if you have ever wished that you could make your penis bigger or you have always wanted to get stronger erections but don’t know how, I will show and prove to you that it can be done.

And I already KNOW that so many people have already spent thousands of Naira buying drugs and other things that promise you heaven and earth

Do you know that there is a relationship between losing your erection and the possibility of a heart attack later in life?

Read what a doctor who specializes in heart issues says below:

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Yes, it could be. In fact, trouble with erections in men in their 30s or 40s is the most common predictor of heart disease. “The penis is like the canary in the coal mine,” When it stops singing, that’s an early warning sign of a bigger problem.”

The blood vessels in the penis are about one to two millimeters, and in the heart, they are about three to four millimeters—so decreased blood flow in the penis is a harbinger of decreased blood flow to the heart. “There is often a window of three to five years between problems with erections and a first heart attack,” warns Dr. Kohler.


Anyway, this series is about working on your penis to make it bigger and stronger. You can get a copy of my Ultimate Man Power Guide here if you are worried about your erection problems.

This write-up is to show you 3 ways you can easily give your penis what doctors call a heart attack.

Now, this means waking up someday and you suddenly start to struggle with putting your penis to work.

Yes. It happens and it is dreadful.

One of the dangers is what I have already shown you above – By Dr Kohler.

Of course, other fallbacks that happens when your penis suddenly stops working is that you are unable to have pure, satisfying sex again without having to fall back on drugs like Viagra.

This could be bad especially if you are within 40 years of age.

NOTE: This series is mainly about how you can get a bigger and stronger manhood. This first part is to make you aware of something worse so that you can know how to avoid it even before you start making your penis bigger and stronger.

So, what are the 3 TOP things that can kill the power of your penis?

Note that this information is more useful for you if you are not over 40.

Here they are:

3 Ways to Give Your Penis a Heart Attack

  1. Drink Lots of Soft Drinks or other sources of taking in Lots of Sugar – You have probably heard this before but do you know that for every bottle of soft drink you consume, you have just taken 9 cubes of sugar, and it takes 7 days for it to wash it off your body?

    Research has shown that men increase their likelihood of having a heart attack by 20 percent by taking in much sugar especially after they are 30 years old. Of course, this is not a general rule.

    There are exceptions (E.g some people still smoke and leave to be 95 years old) but do you think you are one, I don’t think so. Don’t risk it and don’t compare yourself to women. Just stay away from Sugar as much as you can. Simple.

  2. Drink Limited Water Per Day – Let me ask you a question – how many litres of water do you take daily? Don’t tell me the answer. I already know it.

    If you are like most people, you only take about 1 or 2 litres of water daily and this is because you only take water when you are thirsty.

    But you know what

  3. Keep Using Unhealthy Pills and Drugs In An Attempt to Get a Bigger Penis or Better Erection – A lot of people do not know this but majority of the drugs in the marketplace that people spend thousands of Naira to buy and ingest actually work against their health.

    All you need to start getting a heart attack with your penis is to keep ingesting more of these drugs and keep reducing the functionality of your body especially the way blood travels in your veins and arteries.

  4. Continue the Masturbation Habit – This one has affected a lot of men. I know a man who masturbated continuously for 3 years while he was engaged to a lady just because the lady said they shouldn’t have sex until they are married.

    The pity is that by the time they eventually got married, this man could hardly maintain an erection for more than 1 minute.

    If you have the habit of masturbating, you should get help so that you can stop it ( Note that I don’t know how to help people stop masturbating)

    It is what you have to do if you do not want to lose your penis very early in life.

So, there you have the 3 Ways.


Did I just say 3?

I actually ended talking about 4 ways. That is okay. I decided to add the last one because it is something that is easily overlooked especially when people are enjoying the act of trying to pleasure themselves instead of being with a woman.

Here is something you’ll love, if you want to add extra inches from 1 -4 inches to your penis, then you need to see how that’s possible in a techniques that I share in the ultimate natural penis enlargement.

The “Ultimate Natural Penis Enlargement” guide contains about 6 techniques that men around the world have secretly used to get a bigger and stronger penis. You can check it out HERE

Make sure you don’t miss the third part of the series, I’m going to answer some of the questions my subscribers have been sending to me in that third part and again the title of the third part will be: 3 Things to Do To Ensure That You Increase the Size of Your Penis.

Don’t miss it for anything and if you have not read the first part of this series, please GO HERE NOW TO READ IT.

Thanks for reading

Your Men’s Sexuality Expert,

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  1. Abdurahgiem Dollie

    Hi Adetony,

    I’ve started practicing what I’ve read in the 15 Minutes Erec Master Booster & The Ultimate Man Power Guide. I’m already seeing results in week 2.

    Thanks for your excellent advice.


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