The Difference Between Good Sex And GREAT Sex

The Difference Between Good Sex And GREAT Sex

Being good in bed is not something that comes natural to the majority of men. Even men who think they’re good in bed are probably nothing more than mediocre. Sexual performance at its core is a skill, and like any skill it requires practice, ability, and knowledge.

In this post I’m going to explain the fundamentals of what it takes to be a great lover. Forget about being a good lover, this is about being GREAT. Something most men, sadly, will never experience.

1.  Before anything, you need to be in control of your ejaculation. Without that none of the other stuff matters. If you can’t control your ejaculation you won’t even have the opportunity to do anything else.

Ejaculation control is the foundation to being good in bed. You need to get this problem taken care of before trying to improve anything else.

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2. Now that you have your ejaculation under control, it’s time to fine-tune your sexual performance even further. The next step is to learn how the female body works, and how to ‘operate’ it.

When it comes to satisfying women, remember these 6 things:

Foreplay (for her) – You should never go straight to the sex. Always spend a good 5-15 minutes of foreplay. Women take longer to heat up, and they like good rhythm, so this is a good way to get her aroused and ready. Making out & kissing her neck, playing with her breasts, and going down south with your fingers or tongue is usually sufficient (in that order). If you do foreplay correctly she will be extremely aroused and not able to wait another second for you to go inside her.

Rhythm – Although women vary drastically in their sexual preferences, there’s one thing that’s common among all of them. Rhythm. Women need a good rhythm to have an orgasm. Changing rhythm or speed too often is only going to make her take longer to climax and make the experience less intense and less enjoyable.

Here is the correct rhythm for most women:

Start out slow. Slowly work up to a medium pace. Continue increasing speed until you’re going at a fairly fast pace. When you can tell she’s getting close to climax, increase your speed even further to maximum or close to it. This works every time. If you stop, slow down, go too fast, or change rhythm, you’ll just mess it up and have to go back to square one.

There is another rhythm that can be done, but this one will require even better control over your ejaculation because it takes longer:

Basically do the same thing, but when she starts getting really close, back off a bit to a medium pace. You will then need to get her close again, and repeat. Keep doing this 3-10 times. What this type of rhythm does is build her arousal up even further, which results in an EXPLOSIVE orgasm. Make sure she’s okay with this first, as some women may prefer normal rhythm.

Side shows – It’s very easy to make sex even more enjoyable for her if you’re doing other things to her while in the act.

Here are a few examples:

Playing with her clitoris while making love can send her over the top in no time.

Kissing or fondling her or her breasts while making love at the same time can be a major turn on.

Last but not least, use your voice. Tell her how good she feels or talk dirty. Of course women have different opinions and preferences on what they want coming out of your mouth, but you should be able to get a good idea based on what type of girl she is or seems to be. Some women like the straight up dirty talk, and others like it loving and sensual, while many like something in the middle. It’s good to start out in the middle range so you don’t offend her or go too far.

*Emotional connection – In order for a woman to enjoy sex and have an orgasm, she needs to feel comfortable and connected with you. She doesn’t necessarily have to love you or experience emotional feelings for you, but she does need to feel connected and comfortable with you. Emotional feelings can definitely help though.

*Anatomy – You need to know where a woman’s erogenous zones are and how to work them in order to properly satisfy them. The three main ones are the clitoris, breasts (particularly the nipples), and the g-spot. The clitoris is at the top of the vagina above the entrance. The g-spot is located about two inches deep inside the vagina, on the upper wall. I sure hope you know where the breasts are.

How do you work them? All of them can be worked with your penis, fingers, or tongue (except the g-spot is hard to reach with your tongue).

Working them correctly basically requires doing the same things I’ve already covered. Most importantly you need to have good rhythm. As for the g-spot, you can angle your penis upwards to hit it better. In terms of intensity (amount of pressure) and technique, don’t be afraid to ask her. Every woman is different and therefore will prefer different things. A good way to start out is to go with low intensity and work up to medium strength. You can then go harder, but don’t go overboard. This would be a good time to ask… “Want me to go harder babe”?

*Respect – In order for a woman to enjoy sex, she needs to feel respected. It’s very important to respect her preferences and make her feel comfortable. This can make or break your performance.

As I mentioned in the beginning, you need to gain control over you ejaculation before anything. This is absolutely critical to becoming a truly great lover.

The average man only lasts 2-6 minutes before ejaculating. When it comes to sexual performance, you should never settle for average like so many unfortunate men do. If you use the techniques and tips in my short report,How to Permanently End Premature Ejaculation you will be far from average and in an elite category of men. You will literally become a better lover than 95% of the population.

Do you have any idea what that feels like?

Let me tell you… it’s one of the best feelings you will ever have. It’s like entering a whole new world.

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