Fatai Rolling Dollar Old Age Sex Secrets

Fatai Rolling Dollar was a Nigerian Juju musician before he died in 2013.

This man was known to boast about his sexual prowess and how he can outperform younger men in bed even at his old age.

He even fathered 15 children.

That means he is not only strong in bed. He is DAMN fertile despite the fact that he used to be smoke.

So, how do I know about his sex secrets?

Actually, these secrets are not just his sex secrets.

The same reason why he is sexually strong at his old age is the same reason why some other old men are sexually strong at their old age.

So, while I do not know Fatai personally, I know other old men with excellent sexual performance…

…and one of them is even an alcohol addict.

He drinks whiskey and Cmans Schnepp like crazy and he has been drinking it for a long time.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Before you run off to start smoking and drinking alcohol, you need to know that those habits may destroy you.

Everyone on this earth was not created the same way.

With that settled, so why would an old man perform sexually at 80 years of age while a 40 year old man is struggling with things like:

  • Weak/No erections

  • Loss of stamina

  • Poor sexual performance

The REASON is simple.

In most cases, that old man has a strong heart and a strong liver.

You may read that sentence again.

Now like I have always said – I am not a doctor. I originally learnt everything I know about men’s sexuality and performance for myself. Not to share them with people.

I only started to share them when I realized that a lot of men are struggling with these things.

Got that?

Let’s go back to the issue of a strong heart and strong liver.

If you have those 2 things, chances are that you will LIVE a LONG and HEALTHY LIFE…that is if you are not hit by a truck (by God’s grace, you won’t die an untimely death)

In section 2 of the Man Power Guide, I talked about the secret to having a killer and healthy sex life. Having a healthy heart and healthy liver are one of those things.

Have you heard of men between the ages of 45 – 65 who died of heart attack while having sex?

I can tell you 2 things about such men:

  1. They were probably using some heavy sex drugs to force their bodies to function.

  2. They have a poor heart that finally gave up because it was been forced to do heavy work (sex is an activity that requires the body to use a lot of energy and blood)

Any man with a strong heart will be able to effortlessly pump blood throughout the body. This is essential not only for adequate sexual performance but for healthy living.

That is about the heart.

Let’s talk about the liver.

I won’t go into details about how important your liver is and the work it does in your body but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why people take stuffs like herbs, agbo, jedi etc to cure back pain or weak sex performance?

I am talking about stuffs like ALOMO Bitters(KASAPREKO)…or the casual Jedi mixture that people buy and take to get strong sexually.

I will tell you.

One of the things those herbs are supposed to do is to detoxify your body and remove a lot of junks and toxins to enable your liver to function better.(Compare this to when a good mechanic cleans a car engine and removes all the dirt and junk that is in it, you know how it will start to work effectively?)

Unfortunately, a mixture like Alomo bitters (and other similar mixtures) have a lot of alcohol that would even give your liver more job to do and at the end, the herbs won’t be able to produce their normal results.

And…I don’t blame the manufacturers, if they put those herbs alone there, nobody would probably buy and drink it. That is why they had to mix it with a lot of alcohol.

Following me? Good.

So, what these old men do is to detoxify their bodies on a consistent basis since when they were younger and to get rid of excess sugar in their blood.

Do you know what that leads to?

You got it…

It leads to a STRONG Heart and Healthy Liver.

And there are different ways to do the same thing effectively.

Some old men (like the one I referred to in paragraph 11) have vast herbal knowledge to do it using their very effective herbs.

Unfortunately, that is why a lot of people now dupe others of their hard earned money selling useless herbs and concoctions that do nothing but harm your body system…and people buy them like there is no tomorrow because they do not know better.

Get and maintain a STRONG heart and Healthy Liver – That is One of the SECRETS to ManPower.

The secret of old men who can outperform young men sexually.

I treated my way of doing this in Sections 2 – 3 – 7 -8 and 9 of the MAN POWER guide.

Have you gotten a copy?

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33 thoughts on “Fatai Rolling Dollar Old Age Sex Secrets”

  1. Kamorudeen Oyeniran

    I am intrested in both your penis enlargement and man power guide. The question I want to ask is whether your man power guide could function as solution to premature ejaculation?

    1. No sir, they are different product.
      Man Power Guide is different from Bedroom Stamina Guide (premature ejaculation)
      Manpower guide mostly about maintaining your erection for as many round of sex as you want.

  2. The write up on the Man Power is very educative. But I have a question on the penis enlargement. Is it possible to add 3 inches to the length of my penis and 2.5 inches to its girth within 4 to 5 months of applying the techniques?

    1. Yes, it is possible but age factor should be put into consideration.

      Once you’re over 45years, the rate will be slower when compare with someone who is in his twenties and thirties.

  3. Hey man

    I have tried to send u an email,requesting a copy of penis enlargement guide but it seems like u ddnt receive it.

    Im from south africa,i am sure u know south africa uses Rand as a currency.and u charged N2000 which is R153.

    Please send me ur means of payment. Sotht I can start doing te transfers.


    1. You can use the option of paying with ATM card, just as other non-Nigerian use to make payment for my products.

      Just click on the option icon or CLICK HERE to get to the page where you can successfully make payment for the enlargement guide.


  4. I’m in my late twenties, my wife complains that I take almost up to 1 & half hour to come, & she said my dick is long enough for her in which if I check my dick in the mirror, it looks so small in my eyes, what should I do to come in 15 to 30 minutes.

    1. I think you should be happy you take that long. It will make you enjoy the sex more.
      In 15 minutes, your wife may not have reach her peak and if you come that time, you might look selfish.

      I’m an advocate of staying longer.

  5. ogadi Princewill

    pls o have seen ur messages,I will like to buy the product but don’t u think the prise is too cost due to the economic conditions & pls I normally have waist pain what medicine do u advice me to use pls

    1. Regard waist pain, stop taking sugar but if it persist, visit your doctor.

      I’m thinking the price is damn too low and so, when you see it increase to the normal price, just know that, the promotional offer is no more.
      You can go try other herb or concoction outside if you think the price of the natural solution is high.

      Anyway, thanks for being here.

  6. I want to appreciate,good work for helping me come out of this premature ejaculation,your prescription works.Thanks,But I am 43 plus I can go three rounds but I do have wast pain,what do I do?pls.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      As regards to waist pain, I don’t really have any recommended drug, but sugar sometimes cause waist pain.
      So, stop taking much sugar or stop taking it at all and observe if the pain subside.

      You can also visit good pharmacy around your area if you don’t like going to the hospital to make complain and some drug will be recommended to you.


    1. It’s enough Sir.

      But just having big penis does not guarantee you’re going to be having amazing sex, you’ve got to learn how to make use of it.

  7. Thank you for finding solutions to people problems, I registered this to fine solution for my friend, he said whenever he makes love with his wife under 3 minutes he will just realize, but when he try another girl outside he was able to performed for 20minute before he comes, my question is what is the cause.

    1. Tell your friend to subscribe and read about what I will be sending to him in my email newsletter.
      That’s how he can learn how to overcome premature ejaculation.

      I guess you’re not actually the one experiencing this challenges.

      PE can be caused by many thing. we have it can be physical or psychological.

      Stay subscribe to receive more helpful mail that will help you overcome quick ejaculation and if you want faster action, you can just
      get the Ultimate Bedroom Stamina Guide. HERE

  8. Hi. I am based outside Africa. I have been receiving some messages concerning how to improve on man power, and I have found all your introductions quite interesting.
    Please, can someone make payments on my behalf back home in Nigeria; how much and how do get the full Access to the main lectures eventually. Thanks.

    1. Yes, someone can make payment on your behalf.

      Once the person make payment, get the payment details from him and send it to me for confirmation of the payment.
      Once the payment has been confirmed, I will send you the download link and you’ll have access to it and download.

      Ultimate Man Power Guide cost N5000 only.

  9. Pls sir I went to hospital for test,for semen see what the results shows,sparm count,active one is 35,sluggish 15, then dead ones 50, and I can’t go more than one round on bed I married for two yrs now no child yet.what wil I do?

    1. You need to get your sperm cell active, without them being active, you can hardly father a child.

      To get many round of sex, you need to get the Ultimate Man Power Guide.


  10. please sir, i come too quick when having sex can you give me some tip on how to overcome that in a short period because i need to satisfy my woman and make her happy she need me badly. thanks

  11. My case doesn’t appear like the case you can handle. I am going to 63 years. I have diabetes, enlarged prostate, acute pelvic pains and of course erectile dysfunction. Do you think you can be of help?

  12. The stamina product is what I need because am 2mins man but please I don’t have money because am not working so if there is anyway u can help me I will appreciate

  13. Pls help me out sir. I have a small penis ,and my girl friend always claims to be a virgin but I can’t really say maybe I have deflower her or not because I have not reach the peak…

  14. Pls if one discovers that he has P.E. Due to. Masturbation, and he decided to stop masturbating, so how long can its take for the P.E to. Stop,? Weeks? Months? Or years? That’s what I wana know

    1. You’ve got to do something about, if not, it will remain there forever even if you stop masturbation.

      Get Ultimate bedroom stamina guide to deal with quick ejaculation permanently.


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