Why You Won’t Get Erection After The First Round Of Sex

I need to quickly let you know and understand why you may not get up for the second round after you’ve performed the first, leaving your woman begging for more.

Get Erection After The First Round Of Sex

But before I go into that,

A woman sent me a message that really touched me and I have decided to share with you her question today and what is needed to be done so that, this will not happen to you,

Here goes her question……

Each time we make love, he would last for about 05-10 minutes of hard banging before ejaculating and he would fall flat. I give him time to catch his breath but no matter the amount of foreplay or even sucking I give to him he won’t get erect again.

This has been happening for months now and I go to bed each night not having an orgasm while he sleeps all throughout the night.

Sometimes he will say he feels sensitive when I touch his penis afterwards and even in the morning when I rub it down there, he would still not be fully strong. We have sex once or twice a week due to our busy schedules and he work 12 hours jobs and always at work even when home! He’s only 31, what could be the problem with him?

…that question shows that the woman is frustrated and it is not only her but all women when they are not satisfy sexually by their partner, she’s courageous enough to speak out about her sexual dissatisfaction……

The first possible thing that’ll prevent a man from going for the second round and many round thereafter is the lack of sexual stamina.

If you don’t have it, sorry, you can’t get pass the first round, that’s a fact you to be noted.

If you’re being stressed up or exhausted and you desire to go for multiple round of sex in the same night, you’ll only end up mocking yourself because, you won’t get up for another round, in fact, it will make you over-exhausted and that will give you plenty of sleep as your body need to recover.

Here is my reply to her

Try slowing it down, that might help him. Or if he feels like he’s going to ejaculate, have him pull out and squeeze around the base of his penis with his index finger and thumb, it will prevent ejaculation from occurring. Overall though, I think it just takes practice.

If you want to learn the technique of preventing ejaculation from happening so that you can last longer or perhaps, you’re having a challenge with quick ejaculation, then, you need not worry anymore; just go here to learn how to permanently stop premature ejaculation.

I also advise her if both of them is comfortable with oral sex, she should start with oral sex first and in that way, she’ll be a bit ahead of the game, she would have reached orgasm first and since women can easily go for multiple orgasm once they are up there. And when the man come banging for few minutes and unable to go for another round of sex, she would have reached orgasm and get satisfied, even the man too will get some satisfaction.

So, as a man, try as much as possible to get sexual stamina, do away with stress and worry, alcohol, stimulant, and exercises that’ll boost your sexual stamina with some certain food that contain the natural ingredient to make you stronger every time you desire to have multiple round of sex per night

The best way to achieve all of these faster is to get the Sure Man Power complete guide, that’ll teach you exactly what you need to do to get you up there.

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27 thoughts on “Why You Won’t Get Erection After The First Round Of Sex”

  1. Gud evening sir Tony, am still your man John, pls sir my request is what can a man do to prevent or a cure to watery sperm?

    1. As much as you can before 4 hours but if can’t go for second round play with her give her the tounge until you get your energy back

    1. It takes determination to stop it.

      What you know is that, masturbation will cause you lots of problem in your sex health life.
      It is the leading cause of premature ejaculation and other erectile dysfunction.

    1. Such men might be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

      The type food they eat also is another contributing factor, why they can’t really get hard erection.

    1. It is because you lack enough Man Power.

      It shouldn’t long before you get your erection back after the first round. although there’s is refractory period which
      varies from individual depending on your level of man power but it should not take more than 5 to 10mins at most.

      You can get the Ultimate Man Power Guide, it will show you what you need to do to get enough Man Power and be able to
      as many round as you desire.

      Get the Man Power Guide Here.


  2. Hi, i have a problem, my wife gets tired after our first round, no matter how long or short she’ll sleep afterwards, what could be the reason and how can o fix it cause i don’t reach my potential on the 1st round, i need multiple rounds

    1. Hello Martins, I need to get something clear, who among you sleep after the first round?

      If it is you then, you’re not having sufficient man power within you. Though, there is a hormone that caused you to get weak after sex, it is only being stimulated when you don’t really have enough man power to shut its action down to continue enjoying your sex without getting tired.

  3. Sir. Is there any medical correction of weak erection after one round of sex? If yes, give me the details thanks

    1. Yes, there are natural means you can get over weak erection.

      All of these are addressed in Sure Man Power Guide.

      ==>> https://suremanpower.com/mp/


  4. I can’t go for the second round bt my first round minimum I go for 20mins max 45mins.But I can’t go for second round why

    1. YOu’re not able to go for the second round because you don’t have enough manpower after you’re through with the first round.
      It has to do with your level of testosterone which is the male hormone that makes men look manly.

      You can more information about how to naturally increase your testosterone level in my Ultimate Man Power Guide.

      Just get it and apply what’s written in the guide to your every day life, then watch as the magic unfold.

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  5. As it is nw is that u have gotten the knwledge and solution to many sexual problems and u admistered to ppl through God. Do u knw that u amass the knwldge through God? Yes, it is through HIM! And i also believe u want more of it to come ur way. I pls, want to let u knw that handful of many require the solution u are armed with but coldn’t afford it financially. Such ppl hw do intend to help them get this natural satisfaction? Please i want to knw sir. Its not a threat pls!

    1. Inasmuch as I try to get your question, I can’t really figure out what exactly you’re asking.

      Can you please re-frame the question, so that I can understand you better and then give you appropriate response.


    1. It’s your system.
      Though your body need to go through Refractory period which varied from different people, but it shouldn’t be more than 15mins at most.
      Your body is lacking enough Man Power and the best thing to do, is to get yourself enough of it.

      You can get it through some recommended exercises, life style, diet and the rest of them.

      You can achieve that quickly when you can lay your hand on Ultimate Man Power Guide.


  6. Hello good day sir, please I have been having premature ejaculation for over 7 years now, I can’t go more than 2 minute and after that I have to wait for hours to go for second round, I am just in my mid 30s, I can go 5 round before this started but for 7 years now I have not been able to satisfy woman which is why I remain single till this present moment. Plz advice on what to do to get back to normal.

    1. You’re not alone in this messy situation my brother, many men too suffer the same condition but the good news is that premature ejaculation can be stopped permanently.
      And the only working solution to end quick ejaculation permanently is to deal with it naturally.


      By following the techniques in Ultimate Bedroom Stamina Guide.

      Ultimate bedroom stamina guide contain 5 different approaches that have been proven to work for several men, and I’m very sure, yours cannot be an exemption.

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  7. The Article is real awesome and I like it.
    On my side I have a problem and I truly need an assistance, I have a Girlfriend of mine who is not a main chick to me, Every time WE went to bed I only get hard on the first round and thereafter no more election and if happen it get down within a blink of an eye. The most shocking thing is that, this happens only when I have her. But with other girls it works perfect and I am a real man to them.
    So what is this?, assistance please!.

    [email protected]

  8. My question
    When I go for second round am hard erect can go upto an hour without enjuculating until my girl says it’s enough. What can I do to go past 3 rounds?.

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